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17 enero 2008
What I'm Proud Of

What I'm proud of

"I think really what I'm proud of is the fact that I was consistent in my actions with my ideas. It's taken me many years to resolve for myself the fact that I'm no longer active. I wish I could be more active than I am... I think that if you have revolutionary ideas, you should act on them, but I'm pleased, I would say, with the fact that I was able to devote fifteen years of my life to them, and also that in spite of all the pressures in society that tend to wear you down and make you compromise all the time, I've not given up my ideas, and that I still have hope for the future, and I have, I have a firm belief in the ability of new generations to take up the struggle, and in the American working class, and in the working class of the world to eventually find the road forward, because I honestly deep in my heart believe that if capitalism isn't replaced soon, then humanity is doomed, and so I would say that's my own personal accomplishment in life, and I would say also that I'm proud of the fact that as a woman and a Latina I have been able to make some contribution, minute though it is, but it's cumulative, and I think all of us human beings in society contribute in a communal way...

To be able to work for the common good and for a common cause, I think, in a society where we are taught to be so fiercely individualistic and self-centered, that takes a certain amount of courage and conviction and so I'm glad I've been able to contribute..."