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17 enero 2008
What I'm Proud Of

Mirta was my big sister, my best friend, the one I could always trust, the one who knew all my secrets and had the wisest words of advice for me in every situation. She could read me like a book without my saying a word, because she knew me better than I know myself sometimes.

She was always concerned about others, always giving the best of herself without stopping to think about what she would get in return. And sometimes she got so little back! You all know that. And you know that was never a deterrent for Mirta to do what she knew was the right thing to do.

I always think of Mirta as being cheerful, with a bright smile and sparkling eyes. When Mirta and Dago got married I was elated to see these two people who meant the world to me so happy together. Just looking at the two of them together was enough to fill me with the special love and warmth only true friends can give you.

Mirta was my role model in life. I always admired her unwavering convictions, her unshakeable loyalty, her pureness of thought and action. Her illness was the greatest injustice of all, but she still fought to the very end. She was the bravest woman I have ever known, and there is no way I can make any sense out of her passing away except to believe she will now be looking out for all of us from whenever she is.

It is up to us now to honor this brave, selfless and exemplary woman. It is up to us now to make sure all her dreams come true so she can see them from wherever she is and be proud of us.

Life was very unfair to Mirta, but she never gave up. And now, I promise you negra, negrita, I will do whatever I have to do so that no one ever forgets who Mirta Vidal-Orrantia was and what she did for all of us. I will keep you alive in everyone's heart. You will still be with us, immortal (as I always thought you would be) forever and ever.

Janis Palma