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17 enero 2008
What I'm Proud Of

A true comrade leaves us special gifts as a legacy that can never be diminished but only increases in the spending of it. Such are the gifts that Mirta Vidal bestowed upon all of us fortunate enough to have lived, worked, laughed and collaborated with her.

Mirta brought a gallant nobility, touched with elegance and gentleness, to all her activities-from the torch she carried forward on behalf of us all to improve our professional lives and the quality of our work as interpreters and translators, to her reassuring presence from the courtroom to the conference booth. There never seemed to be a time when she wasn't working on some project to benefit others. She was always willing to create space and time to listen to the needs, longings, and often the upsets of her friends.

In all the time I knew her, I never heard her say a bad word or gossip about anyone-although G-d knows she must have been sorely tempted at times. Instead, she brought out the best in us all.

Memories of Mirta will be a balm and an inspiration to me always.

With love to you, Mirta, and my deepest sympathy to you, Dagoberto.

Nick Luttinger